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Hope Clark, ENVS ’18 started working this fall at New Harmony High School.

My official job title at New Harmony High is Operations Coordinator, also known as, Smooth Operator. My main purpose is to support all staff and execute projects, community partnerships, events, parent and student relationships, student clubs and committees, social media, and more. Basically, I help ensure that my support makes our school run smoothly! In addition, I support curriculum creation and assist in initiating an environmental lens in all of our lessons and activities.  

How I got here: I found myself in this position through persistence, passion, experience, connections, and environmental knowledge. Many of these connections and community relationships were created and fostered through the Environmental Studies program at Loyola, specifically through Dr. Bob who is on the board of New Harmony. I also gained nearly 4 years of experience in operations by creating and organizing Loyola's annual Earth Week with the Environmental Studies Program, My 6-month internship with Restore the Earth Foundation, and my time at local non-profit Electric Girls as Assistant Director. The ENVA program provided me with the global and local knowledge of our environment in order to feel confident about my position and future. I am so incredibly fortunate to have found a place in New Orleans that supports my passion for education and Environmental activism. I am able to explore my interests at work, attend exciting field trips with students, and continue to foster my own relationship with our local ecosystems.