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Adrienne Ingram Chosen for Arkansas Data Analytics Teacher Alliance

Adrienne Ingram ENVB'18, currently a science faculty member at Haas Hall Academy, was
chosen for the NSF-funded Arkansas Data Analytics Teacher Alliance (AR-DATA) program that
provides mathematics, computer science, and pre-engineering teachers with transformative
research experiences thematically centered on data analytics, especially engineering
applications towards smart and connected health, infrastructure, and community. This summer
she developed a curriculum that uses computer programming courses as a conduit for teaching
study design and data analytics consisting of 3 modules: The first module will be introducing
number representations (binary, octal, hexadecimal, unary, etc) and exposing students to
several different programming languages and their applications. Module two will be an
introduction to programming applications in data analytics, study design, data collection, data
viz, and analysis & interpretation. This portion will be heavy on didactic instruction, interspersed
with some demos. For the last module, the students will do a data project where they take a
quantitative approach to determine which factors influence college admissions outcomes.