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Dr. Qian Qin has a new publication in the journal Acta Crystallographica. The article, published September 2019, is titled, “Crystal structures of two charge-transfer com-plexes of benzo[1,2- c:3,4- c':5,6- c'']tri-thio-phene ( D 3 h -BTT),” and includes two student authors, Haley Gould (c/o 19) and Samuel Vasquez (c/o 20)!

In April of 2021, Dr. CJ Stephenson was awarded a Board of Regents Departmental Enhancement grant to purchase new LC-quadrupole instrumentation, enhancing the Department’s analytical capabilities and training. A “triple quad” instrument is the standard for toxicological and environmental analysis in government and private industry, so this instrument, in addition to opening new avenues of research, will provide opportunities for students to get hands-on experience with workplace relevance. Congratulations, Dr. Stephenson!

Dr. Christine Heinecke has a new publication in Catalysis Letters on the synthesis and testing of two “magic number” clusters, Au102(p-MBA)44 and Au144(p-MBA)60, showing that both clusters are effective catalysts. The article includes three student authors, Nicholas Milosch (c/o 2020, CHEB), Rachel Dufour (c/o 2017, CHEM), and Mario Rodriguez (c/o 2018, CHEB)!

Dr. Allyn Schoeffler has a new article in which the authors demonstrate that Three critical regions of the erythromycin resistance methyltransferase, ErmE, are required for function supporting a model for the interaction of Erm family enzymes with substrate rRNA. The article was published in RNA, a publication of the RNA Society.(RNA 2022. 28: 210-226)

Graduating senior Francesca Vaccaro was the proud recipient of the 2016 Ignatian Award for Outstanding Senior Woman. 

The Ignatian Awards are given each year to three individuals–one man, one woman, and one graduate student–who have set themselves apart by university involvement, representing Loyola with honor and distinction, living a strong faith, and maintaining a high GPA.

Jessica Urbanik Coughlin, class of 1993 is Project Manager at Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS).

The operation of maintaining the underground waste storage tanks at the Hanford Site falls under the jurisdiction of WRPS. This organization is responsible for retrieving, treating, storing, and ultimately disposing of the approximately 53,000,000 gallons of nuclear and chemical waste stored in these tanks at the Site.


For more information on WRPS or on the Hanford Site, please follow the links below:

Ryan Ivie, class of 2006, became an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at the Oregon Health & Science University in January 2016. 

Andrew Greenwood, class of 2006, is an Audio Engineer at Apple Inc. and an Audio Innovation Engineer at Sennheiser.

Jessica Quinn, class of maybe 2004, works at Environmental Resources Management (ERM) in Metairie, LA.

Stan Toporek, class of 1992, is Chief Technology Officer at Integrated BioChem, LLC.

Grants were awarded to two professors of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry by the University Committee of Internal Grants. Dr. Qian Qin, first-year assistant professor, was awarded a Marquette Faculty Fellowship for summer 2016. She will explore, "Synthesis of Sulfur-containing Aromatic Compounds as Potential Organic Superconductors”. Dr. C.J. Stephenson, fifth-year assistant professor, received a Faculty Development Grant for his proposal entitled, "Formation and Testing of Novel Fluorescent Compounds for Sensing."

Congratulations to both professors. 

The Loyola University New Orleans chapter of the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Group was selected out of 400 nationwide student chapters to receive an Honorable Mention award for its activities conducted during the 2014-15 academic year.

Professors Kurt Birdwhistell and Clifton Stephenson were academic advisors to the chapter during the 2014-15 academic year and were included in the recognition.

Seven chemistry students traveled to Memphis, TN on November 4-7, 2015 with Professor Lynn Koplitz to present their research at the Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society. Three of the student presenters, Dayla Rich (`17), Nate Kamm (`18), and Nathalie Argueta (`18), work with Dr. Stephenson. The other four, Francesca Vaccaro (`16), Erin Larrabee (`17), Mary Claire Kramer (`18), and David Olivier (`17), do research with Dr. Koplitz. 

The posters presented are as follows:


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