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Bachelor of Science, Psychology Neuroscience

The field of psychology has been undergoing a revolution; most research is now linked to behavioral or physiological outcomes. The neuroscience concentration will require students to take specific psychology, physics, and computer sciences electives in place of their major elective options and general electives. The Department of Psychological Sciences has carefully worked with Physics and Computer Science to choose courses that “make the most sense” for students who may seek graduate school acceptance or work in research fields/industry following graduation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the “medical scientists” (which includes neuroscience) career expects a job outlook of +8% from 2014-2024. The average salary in this category is $82,240 per year. Students who take general electives in biology and chemistry will also be in good shape for medical school post-graduation (please see an advisor for information).


PSYC A100 Intro to Psychology

Social Science (Choose 2 of the 3):
PSYC A230 Developmental
PSYC A235 Abnormal
PSYC A240 Social

Required Major Courses

PSYC A301 Intro Research
PSYC A303 Statistics & Methods
PSYC A315 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC A316 Behavioral Neuroscience Lab
PSYC A416 Sensation & Perception
PSYC Elective
PSYC Elective
PSYC Elective
PSYC G*** Research in Neuroscience
PSYC A491 ETS Exam (P/IP)

Adjunct Courses

BIOL A106 Cells & Heredity
BIOL A107 Cells & Heredity Lab

Choose 4 from the following:

PSYC A322 Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC A415 Psychopharmacology

PHYS A436 Cellular Biophysics

PHYS A437 Neural Networks

PHYS A365 Biomechanics

COSC A211 Intro to Programming (may be taken alternatively as foreign language requirement)