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Dr. Denney presented his most recent research “Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness, Advocacy, and Information (or the lack thereof?) on Law Enforcement Websites with his co-author Dr. Allen Copenhaver at the annual Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Research on the criminal justice system’s response to the needs of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has increased in recent years. Perhaps no area of the criminal justice system has received more ASD research attention than law enforcement. Law enforcement must frequently respond to situations involving autistic persons. Consequently, law enforcement must be able to identify autistic persons and respond appropriately. Simultaneously, law enforcement can play a role in educating the public about ASD, the challenges these individuals face in a public safety context, and how the public can help law enforcement respond appropriately to assist such individuals in a crisis. This paper provides a content analysis of the messaging law enforcement disseminates about persons with ASD. Specifically, this analysis examines the websites of the largest 200 municipal police departments in the United States. Findings are organized by themes that emerge from the data. This study will also provide policy implications for law enforcement's role(s) in informing the public and advocating for the needs of persons with ASD.