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Spring 2018 Courses

Registration starts November 6!

The following courses will be offered in the Spring. Each of these courses participates in either the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (ITDB) or the Bachelor of Criminology & Justice. Courses may be added to this list. To set up an advising appointment please contact

To search the full list of Loyola Spring Courses, or to check availability and course schedules, run a Course Section Search on LORA


Business Courses
ACCT B202 Principles of Financial Accounting Online
ECON B100 Principles of Mircoeconomics  Online
LGST B205 Legal Environment of Business Online


Criminology & Justice Courses
CRIM A105 Intro to Criminal Justice Systems On Campus
CRIM A105 Intro to Criminal Justice Systems Online
CRIM A110 Criminology - Fundamentals On Campus
CRIM A110 Criminology - Fundamentals On Campus
CRIM A218 Criminal Procedure On Campus
CRIM A250 Juvenile Delinquency On Campus
CRIM A260 Statistics in Criminology & Justice On Campus
CRIM A262 Statistic in C&J Lab On Campus
CRIM A310 Community Policing On Campus
CRIM A320 Violent Offenders On Campus
CRIM A330 Correctional Institutions On Campus
CRIM A405 Criminal Law On campus


English Courses
ENGL A372 Studies in American Cinema On Campus
ENGL N204 Cyberpunk & Apocalyptic Literature Online
ENGL O210 Narratives: Illness & Trauma Online


History Courses
HIST Q230 Oppression & Resistance On Campus
HIST Q262 Comparative Social Movements Online
HIST T122 Premodern Global History Online
HIST T124 Modern Global History Online


Library Courses
LIBR G201 Research & Technology 2.0 Online


Mass Communication Courses
CMMN A225 Elements in AP Style Online
CMMN A260 Intro to Layout & Design On Campus
CMMN A310 Advertising On Campus
CMMN A360 Advanced Layout & Design On Campus
CMMN A415 Advanced Advertising Campaigns On Campus
CMMN O202 Game as Art On Campus


Music Industry Courses
MUIN M100 Arts & Entertainment Industry Forum On Campus
MUIN M315 Arts & Entertainment Marketing On Campus
MUIN M321 Festival Production On Campus
MUIN M322 Craft/Business of Songwriting On Campus
MUIN M335 Music Supervision On Campus


Philosophy Courses
PHIL R122 Philosophy of the Human Person On Campus
PHIL R122 Philosophy of the Human Person Online
PHIL W234 Medical Ethics Online
PHIL W252 Making Moral Decisions On Campus


Psychology Courses
PSYC A230 Developmental Psychology Online
PSYC A235 Abnormal Psychology Online
PSYC A250 Educational Psychology On Campus
PSYC X230 Models of Human Behavior Online
PSYC X260 Psychology of Living with Dying On campus
PSYC X266 Science of Good and Evil Online


Religious Studies Courses
RELS S228 Christianity & Culture Online
RELS S348 Chrisitan Origins Online
RELS V260 Intoduction to Islam On Campus
RELS V294 Islamophobia Online
RELS V377 Buddhism Across Asia On Campus


Sociology Courses
SOCI A339 Social Statistics Lab On Campus
SOCI X240 Global Sociology Online
SOCI X255 Race, Racism, & Privilege Online


Translation & Interpreting Courses
TRIN E400 Introduction to Translation Online
TRIN E405 Intro Healthcare Translation Online
TRIN E450 Principles of Interpreting On Campus
TRIN E455 Interpret In Healthcare Settings On Campus