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Sanjog Rupakheti

Assistant Professor

Sanjog Rupakheti
Sanjog Rupakheti

Sanjog Rupakheti received his Ph.D. in history from Rutgers University. His research interests broadly span state making, modernity, law, and histories of slavery, gender, and labor relations in South Asia.

Sanjog is currently completing a book that charts a socio-political history of the creation and survival of the Nepali state in the shadow of the growing British Empire. It reveals the Nepali state as a complex matrix of caste and gender based labor relations that was anchored in a repertoire of people and activities, each of which participated differently in the tasks of promulgating codes, maintaining rights over objects and services. Using previously unstudied sources, the project illustrates that far from beginning as a traditional Hindu monarchy, the Nepali state grew into both its “Hinduness” and its “monarchical” powers through the manipulation of law and genealogy, and was central to the making, containment and transmission of modernity in the region.

Sanjog’s teaching philosophy is rooted in a belief that a historical training, grounded in source criticism combined with critical reading and writing skills, prepares students to think how they know about what they know of the past to encourage them in questioning the hidden assumptions embedded in the received truths. Such training allows students to critically examine the relationship between power and the writing of history and equips them with intellectual tools to discern and act upon the world around them.

He is an Associate Editor for the journal Studies in Nepali History and Society.  

Recent Publications

  • The Making of a Himalayan State: Family, Law, and Power in Nepal (manuscript under preparation).
  • "Reconsidering State-Society Relations in South Asia: A Himalayan Case Study," in Himalaya 35:2 (2015).
  • "Beyond Dharmashastras and Weberian Modernity: Law and State Making in Nineteenth Century Nepal," in Law Addressing Diversity: Pre-Modern India and Europe in Comparison, Ertl and Kruijtzer, eds. (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2017), forthcoming


PhD: Rutgers University, 2012; BA (Honors): Trinity College, CT, 2006

Classes Taught

  • Global History I
  • Global History II
  • History of India
  • State Making and Political Imaginations
  • Women and Gender in Modern India
  • Historical Methods Lab
  • Globalization
  • Gender and Nation
  • Historiography
  • South Asia Through Film
  • Law and Power in South Asia
  • Modern India

Areas of Expertise

  • South Asia 
  • State Making 
  • Law and Power 
  • Law and Colonialism 
  • Law and Slavery 
  • Identity, Gender, Caste, Nationalism and Decolonization
  • Globalization 
  • Modernity
  • Philosophy of History