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4th Annual Student Peace Conference

The 4th Annual Student Peace Conference, held April 16 - April 20 is a week-long event devoted to peace. Through student panel presentations, various organization-sponsored workshops and events, concerts, lectures from current leaders in the study of peace, and theater productions, we at Loyola University New Orleans hope to wake the world up to the fragile nature of global events. Too often, we are dragged down by the media's focus on violence, despair, and atrocity. While tragic events do indeed happen, they by no means exclude the possibility of hope, renewal, and peace. As such, the 4th Annual Student Peace Conference is Loyola's response to the current trend of community action, social protest, and the universal demand for peace.

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The Peace Conference is sponsored by the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences, LUSSO, Free the Slaves Loyola, the Theatre Department, Middle East Peace Studies, Project Nur, SAGE and LUCAP.