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General Studies

A time to explore!

Uncertain about your Major? In the General Studies program, you can discover your strengths & interests by taking courses in the Loyola Core, plus courses in potential Majors. You can be "undeclared" up to 4 semesters or 55 credits, whichever comes first: However, if the entire allowance is used it represents fully half the normal college-career, & you may fall behind.

You must actively research degree-plans (dpcls) & requirements for the Majors that interest you: Print each dpcl of interest and track your classes on each one to discern your path, look for patterns, notice grades, etc. If you are considering a career in the Sciences, your math placement and successful completion of MathA257/Calculus is extremely important. Meet with your advisor to discuss strategies for staying on track as a General Studies student who may be interested in a Science Major.

There are many variables between the Majors even within the same department: Each department has multiple concentrations that may impact your choices. Research is essential before choosing courses each semester: The department listings in the Bulletin contain PDFs of the dpcls (there's also a link to the Bulletin at the top of every Loyola webpage). Choose "Undergraduate Bulletin," then "College of Arts & Sciences," and then click into each of the departments of interest to view the PDFs of the degree-plans.  

View the Degree Program Course Listing for General Studies

For more information, contact the Director of the General Studies Program, Uriel Quesada, Ph.D., Associate Dean, at (504) 865-3049.