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Degree-Tracking with U-Achieve (How to Graduate from Loyola)

Click here for a pdf of detailed instructions and screen-shots you can download and save to file.

1. WHAT?

Every Major and Minor program at Loyola has a document that lists all of the requirements to be satisfied for graduation.

Loyola is installing a new digital degree-tracking program, and until its ready in the late-Fall of 2022, everyone should plan to track their progress on DPCLs (degree-program-course-list) or similar.

In addition to DPCLs, but for existing students only, also available are detailed audits from our previous degree-tracking software (Uachieve): In addition to the requirements, they also list the courses from which to choose your next set of courses.

  • If you’re an existing student, run a “final” copy of your U-achieve audit and save it to file. Save it so you can mark-up copies of it while planning for Summer and Fall 2022, and Spring 2023, but still have a clean copy to revert to just in case. It will already have all of your to-date work in the right place, so you can go from there.
  • If you’re a new student, you can use a DPCL. 

There are several correct places to find your information such that you can use the DPCL like a checklist for degree-completion. All students can find the following in their LORA accounts:

  • Institutional course-work
  • Transfer course-work
  • Advanced Placement Credits (AP, IB, CLEP)

Match your work to the requirements they fulfill on the tracking sheet of your choice. Read on to learn how to note each kind of credit, and when.

2. WHEN?

A) Do this before registration so you can discuss it with your faculty advisor during registration advising, and        

B) do this again when you FINALIZE your registration for the coming term. Doing so will…

  • Make sure you have the right classes in the right spots on your DPCL/s
  • Ensure that you always know what courses to take next, and that you don’t take the “wrong” course
  • Inform you of your overall progress and status, and
  • Keep you on track for graduation

3. HOW?

Find (and bookmark) a copy of your DPCL (if you’re a double-major you’ll need one for each Major) and your Minor tracking sheet/s. If you’re using your own most recent U-achieve report, any 2nd Majors or Minors will already be displayed.

DPCLs are stored in the University Bulletin (for students starting in the current catalog year) or the Bulletin Archives (for students who started in an earlier catalog year).

Navigate from the Directory, to your College, to your Department, to your Program, and/or to your Concentration. At the bottom of the text-based listing of your requirements you'll find the pdf of your Major dpcl (or your 2nd Major or your Minor/s).

Using your LORA account, fill-in your dpcl:

  • Mark transfers TR. Your previous grades are not a part of your Loyola GPAs. Be sure to write in the original course-code from the home school – you’ll thank yourself each and every registration-advising period.
  • Mark any AP classes as AP. Again, not a part of your Loyola GPA. Write in the course code you were awarded.
  • Mark the courses in which you have enrolled-but-not-yet-started with the abbreviation for the semester in which you will take the course: There are times when you will be enrolled in, but will not yet have completed up to three semester’s worth of courses. 22M (Summer 2022), 22F (Fall 2022), 23S (Spring 2023), etc.
  • Mark any Loyola classes with the grade received. If not already displayed on the DPCL, write in the course-codes that you took too. Some “named” requirements like ENGL-T122 get their own line on the DPCL, while others will have a generic label like “Major Elective” or “Social Science” or “General Elective.”
  • Two other options: If the course is Incomplete, mark it “I” or if In-Progress, mark it “IP”
  • Take your proactively updated dpcl or Uachieve report to your advising meeting so your advisor can verify or help investigate your course picks for the upcoming term/s.
  • Discuss with your advisor how to amend your tracking sheet if you did not have to take a First-Year Seminar, or were exempted from MathT122, or if there’s a language requirement in your degree-plan, but you arrived at Loyola with high-proficiency in a modern, foreign, language or a classical language like Latin or Greek. All degrees require a minimum of 120 credits for graduation.
  • Update your dpcl again with your grades when your final grades are posted.


If you have a 2nd Major or a Minor or even 2 Minors…

Think of everything in terms of your PRIMARY MAJOR:

  • The Loyola Core
  • Language (unless you’re a language Major)
  • Adjuncts, and
  • General Elective of the PRIMARY MAJOR are all legal to “double-dip” in your 2nd Major, your Minor, and/or your 2nd Minor. Makes sense, right? You don’t need 240 credits for graduation, only 120 – the Major courses of your 2nd Major or the courses for your Minor come from your Primary Major…
  • Courses satisfying Major requirements in the PRIMARY MAJOR cannot double-dip to any other area or your PRIMARY OR SECONDARY PROGRAMS. They can only count once.

Double-majors, be sure to see the Bulletin policy on this topic -- all requirements for both Majors must be addressed. Certain Majors have too many overlapping requirements -- requests for these will not be approved.