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Advising Handbook - Common Registration Issues


  • Full-time Enrollment: 12-20 credits
  • Part-time Enrollment: Less than 12 credits

Please note that many scholarships and financial aid awards are contingent upon a student maintaining full-time status.  Be careful when advising a student to drop or withdraw from classes! Before a student drops below 12 credits, have them check with the Office of Scholarship/Financial Aid to assess the financial implications of this decision.  (x3231, Thomas Hall Room 410)


After the student has enrolled in classes, changes to the schedule should be made in consultation with the academic advisor.  If the student has been given LORA access (this may be done on the “my advisees” page by clicking the “Update Registration Access Code” link, and entering any digits you desire), he/she may add or drop courses on line.  First semester First-Year students may not adjust their schedule without the help of their advisor.  Beware: once you allow this access, the student is free to undo what you have done. A student may ADD a course only through the ADD/DROP period (e.g., usually through the first week of classes.  See the on-line academic calendar for precise date.)  If a student DROPS a course during this period, no indication of the DROP will appear on the student's record.


A student may withdraw from a course until one week after mid-term (See the on-line Academic Calendar for exact date.)  The student uses the COURSE WITHDRAWAL FORM.  The student may withdraw whether he/she is passing or failing.  The form must be signed by the course instructor, student’s advisor and the student and then presented to the Office of Student Records (Thomas Hall Room 204).  The grade of W will appear on the student's transcript.  Please note: a professor may not withdraw a student from a class or assign a grade of W.  The student must initiate the withdrawal and complete the action in the Office of Student Records.  A student may not withdraw from a course after the official University withdrawal deadline. Please remember that students must be registered in a minimum of 12 credits to maintain full-time status. If a student is dropping below 12 credits, please make sure they fully understand all of the financial implications of this decision BEFORE they withdraw from classes. 


New conditional admit students who did not attend Summer Bridge are not allowed to take more than 16 credits in their first semester.  They must schedule ENGL A100 this term if indicated by ACT/SAT test scores. They MUST also be enrolled in SPST A105 (Protocols of Learning).  Please remember that this is a University requirement determined by the Office of Admissions and successful completion of this course is required.  DO NOT drop this course from an advisee’s schedule.  If there is a time conflict, you must enroll the student in different section of the course.  Students on Academic Probation should not be enrolled in more than 15 credits.