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Advising Handbook - Advising Transfer Students


As with new freshmen, transfer students will be placed in a partial class schedule by the Office of the Dean prior to advising.  Usually they will come to their advisor with twelve credits already scheduled, and will choose one additional course.


The College of HNS accepts transfer credit from another university (indicated as "TR" on the DPCL in the grade slot) in satisfaction of corresponding Introductory Common Curriculum courses and Major courses, e.g., students transferring in a 3-credit composition course will receive 3 credits for ENGL T122, or a 3-credit Psychology transfer course entitled "Introduction to Research Methods" will receive 3 credits for PSYC A301/"Introduction to Research". Transfer courses will also be applied to the Loyola General Elective allotments as appropriate.

The College of HNS accepts a 3-credit, non-remedial, college-level Math course to meet the requirement of MATH T122.  Students without test scores on file, who are bringing in a lower-level Math course, may be placed in the Loyola math course corresponding to the next level, e.g., a student coming in with pre-calculus could be placed in calculus. Students without test scores on file and who do not transfer in any math classes, may be placed in MathA092, or, preferably, will take the Mathematics placement examination and schedule the appropriate course.

Since it is difficult to equate courses from other universities with our Advanced Common Curriculum courses, transfers/"TR" or waivers/"WA" of advanced common curriculum courses are applied or given with consideration to many factors which may include the number of credit hours the student transferred, and the number and kinds of courses the student has taken. Additional details can be found in the Bulletin:

Bulletin: Transfer of Undergraduate Credit

Bulletin: Transfer of Graduate Credit

The minimum RESIDENCY requirement for transfer students is 30 credits: 12 credits in the Common Curriculum, 15 credits in the major, and 3 credits from anywhere else in the program. 

If a student feels that further adjustments to the evaluation or placement of their transfer credits are warranted, please contact either Sara Clark, (for students with last names A-K) or Daniel McBride, (for students with last names L-Z).